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10 Reasons You Should Quit Your Job

10 Reasons You Should Quit Your Job: A True Story

The Thorn


Are you in a job you hate? Are you ready to move on, but not sure you should?

Given the current unemployment climate, it might be better to stay where you are especially if you don’t have something else lined up. You definitely don’t want to leave your job if you need the income to survive (as most of us do).


However, you also don’t want to drown in a sinking ship. The following ten reasons show that ship is sinking fast. Grab a life boat now, and find a new job!


(The following is a true story. I moved to a new city and started a new job. I only lasted two months, before I gave my two-week notice. Read on to find out why.)


  1. Your first paycheck bounced.


Yes, after working for two weeks, my first paycheck bounced. There were a number of excuses on their end. But no matter the excuse. A bounced paycheck is your first clue to bounce yourself.


  1. They seduce you with one position & give you another.


I signed up for one position at their new location. However, they really needed help immediately, and asked that I take a subpar position at the old location. I agreed, because the old position was only supposed to last two weeks. “Sure, I can help out.” Two months later, I was in the same old position at the old location. If you’re being signed up for a position or job tasks you did not interview for, you need to renegotiate.


  1. Your schedule does not work for you or your family.


Same story, I also took a “temporary” schedule that was only supposed to last two weeks. I was supposed to work 3 full days. Instead, I got 4 half days. This cost me more money in day-care and gas. Ultimately, I was paying out of pocket to work there.



  1. Your boss is never there.


Granted my new boss was in charge of opening a new location & that had her pretty busy. But she was otherwise hardly around. During times it seemed obvious to me that the owner should be checking in, there was never even a phone call or text.


  1. No one trains you.


I never got much training. The owner showed me around during the interview. After that I guessed where everything is. There was no training meeting or manual. No instructions on how to greet clients. I signed my contact to work there, literally one second before I met my first client. If you’re thrown into your position in a sink or swim matter, chances are …everyone is drowning.


  1. Your co-workers are openly talking trash.


During my second day, I heard two co-workers openly bashing a third behind her back. This is not much short of high school behavior. So try to be the grown-up that addresses issues directly and without drama.


  1. Someone is stealing from the cash register.


Oh, yes. Forty dollars went missing, and there was a huge text thread about it. I had to write an awkward text back to my boss and co-workers. “Sorry that happened. I have never touched the cash register.”  It was not the first time the register was short either. Worst, a new employee got blamed and fired for it, even though I suspected a longer-term employee was the theft. If employees are regularly stealing from the business, that means the business is not taking care of them or itself.



  1. Your customers are taking advantage of the business too.


Customers were often asking for discounts and deals. The high number of customers not paying full price is probably why reason number #1 happened. If you’re asking yourself how the business is staying afloat, chances are it is sinking.


  1. Young people are dying.


It was so sad and tragic, but a friend of the owners who was working on the construction of the new location died. I asked if he was an older man, and a co-worker replied that it was probably drug use. This death kept me from giving my notice for a couple of days. Out of respect for the owner, I didn’t want to add to her grief.


De-Thorn Your Life

10.You found a better job!


After the first week, I knew I could not stay at my job. I interviewed for another different job and landed the position right away. If you just started a new job you hate, then it is best to move on quickly. You can leave this job off of your resume, like it never happened. Good riddance!

If your current job is going down hill, then you need to carefully consider your next steps. It really depends on what type of career you have and where you are in your career life. If landing a new job is easy in your field, then it might be time to climb the career ladder by switching employers. If you are specialist that is pigeon holed into a career with way more candidates than positions, then you may want to stay and figure out how to solve these problems. If you are near retirement with little chance of finding a new job, then you may also want to stay or figure out if freelancing your skill set is a good idea.


The Rose


About a month after I left, I found out that the company had folded. The two owners spilt ways. The more responsible owner took all the employees and moved to the new location by herself, and started a new brand. The more troublesome owner, folded the original business. All the while, I was very happy in my new job with a position, schedule and paycheck that work way better for me.


10 Reason You Should Quit Your Job


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