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Travel Like a Pro Series Consider Cultural Concepts of Time

Travel like a Pro: Consider Social Concepts of Time

The Thorn

Have you ever arrive to meet a group of people right on time, and as you entered the room everyone stared at you? Gave you the eye as if you were late instead of on-time. Or maybe you have been the one waiting forever for a meeting to start. You are so annoyed that you arrived to the meeting early, while piles of people keep pouring in a few minutes late? The meeting doesn’t even start until 15 minutes after it was called!

Cultural concepts of social politeness around time varies from country to country, city to city and even workplace to workplace. Read more

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Travel Like a Pro 10 Phrases To Learn In Any Language

Travel like a Pro: 10 Essential Phrases to Learn in Any Language

The Rose

If you speak English, then you are very lucky. Many people around the world who deal with tourists learn to speak English. It is essential for them to survive in a travel-based industry. Thanks to technology, Google Translate and other programs like it can talk and listen for you. This makes it so much easier to be an adventurist and travel to places you know very few will speak English.

Read more

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