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How to Make and Use a Vision Board to Crush Your Goals!

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Do you have goals, but cannot clearly define them?

Do you feel like you have stalled in achieving your goals?

Have you had the same goals forever, but they never seem to come to fruition?

There are many different methods and techinques to help you achieve your goals. One that I LOVE  is creating a Vision board.



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What is a Vision Board?

A vision board is a collection of pictures, words, or artwork that represent your goals. Creating a vision board is an essential way to put your dreams and aspirations into a visual format and in front of your eyes everyday.

How to Make and Use a Vision Board to Crush Your Goals!

How Vision Boards work

Vision Boards brings your goals to life

by giving them visual and emotional realities that you see and feel every day.

You define your goals by assigning a picture to represent them. This makes it easy for your to visualize what the successful completion of your goal looks and feels like. When you visualize your goal, you speak to your unconscious mind. You tell your unconscious mind what is possible and true.

Instead of focusing so much on what you want to achieve, focus on how you will feel when you achieve it. You will more quickly accomplish a feeling of success when you include the emotions of success. In reality, it is often the emotion that you truly desire to accomplish.

For instance, one of my goals was to lose weight and feel great in a bikini. So included on my vision board a picture of brunette in a bikini with her hands held up high. She was smiling and care free. About two years later, I realized I had achieved my goal of feeling great in bikini, when I saw a picture of myself at a summer pool party. I didn’t quite have the ripped abs that my picture did, but I did achieve the smile and the carefree feeling. I accomplished my true goal.

Vision Board to Reality
Select images that convey the emotions that you want to feel once you achieve your goals.

Put your vision board somewhere prominent where you will see it every day. The most important aspect of your vision board is that it serves as a reminder of your goals.

If you feel shy about displaying your goals, don’t. I felt shy about my goals for a long time. I hid my vision board from my partner and guests. I found this to be a silly mistake. My husband did nothing but support me. Often he was the one that help achieve my goals. Sometimes my vision board even served him as a birthday and holiday shopping list. Everytime my friends saw my vision board at home, they would confess they had one too or wish they did have one as well.

Check off your goals once you achieved them. This is my favorite part! Who doesn’t like to check off their accomplishments? Give yourself a gold star if you’d like.


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What can be included on a Vision Board

All your heart’s desires.

Words and pictures that represent your dreams about health, fitness, finances, career, family, home, and travel. Really it can be anything you truly desire.

Vision boards can also include things you already possess and are grateful for. What do you have that you want to keep and develop further?

I like to include in my vision board pictures of my closest friends and family. The people I am grateful to have in my life, and those most likely to help me accomplish my dreams.


What Not to Include

Do not include any kind of negative thinking. Always place your goals and visions for the future in the positive. If you feel you want to get rid of a negative habit – do not place that negative habit on the vision board. Instead place the positive habit that you do want. For instance, if you want to stop eating so much sugar – do not put a picture of a donut with a big X over it. Instead gather pictures of healthy foods, fruits and vegetables that you do want to eat.


Vision Board Example

My Vision Board

The example above is my vision board. I printed images I found on the internet, including pictures of my loved ones.  I used a glue stick to paste my images on the foam board in a collage. My vision board was very detailed. It took me a full month complete, but it served me for over five years. I achieved about 95% of all of my goals.

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You can get Pictures for Vision Boards:

  • In magazines
  • Off the internet
  • Off Pintrest
  • Old photos of yourself and your family
  • Your own paintings and drawings
You can paint or draw for your Vision Board.
You can paint or draw for your Vision Board. The more creative, the better!


Type of Vision Boards

You can make your vision board physical or electronic. You can use a push pin board, a foam board or get a photo collage printed at a store. There are even Vision Board Apps now!

I recommend that you have at least one vision board that is physical. When you see your goals in the physical realm it is more tangible to your unconscious mind. If your only vision board is in the Cloud, then your dreams may feel like they are as well. Bring your goals to life by making physical representations of them. If you choose to have an electronic version, then make it supplemental to your physical one.


If you have an electronic version of your Vision Board, it should be supplemental to a physical one.
If you have an electronic version of your Vision Board, it should be supplemental to a physical one.


What you will need

Vision Boards are so easy to make. You only need a few items depending on which kind of Vision Board you create .

  • Corkboard, scissors and push pins
  • A Foam Board, scissors and glue stick
  • or Computer, photo software, and printer (or get a profession to print it)
  • Your phone for an app

How to set the mood for inspiration

  • Dim the lights.
  • Light a candle.
  • Sit comfortably in a chair or cross legged on the floor.
  • Close your eyes and start imagining the life you would really want.
  • Right down what comes to mind.
  • Start looking for photos that represent what you want.
  • Specifically look for photos that convey the emotion you will feel when you achieve your goal.
  • Everytime you pin or paste your picture take a moment to conjure that feeling.
  • Don’t forget to place your new Vision Board in a prominent place where you will see it every day.

How often do you need to change your vision board?

It’s really up to you!

If you go for a push pin style of vision board you can change it often. Even every month as your projects and passions change over the seasons.

If you have longer term goals, then you may want to go for the foam board style, and only change your vision board once a year or even longer, like once every five years.

Electronic versions of vision boards can be easy to changed often too. You can even set the pictures of your vision board as a rotating screen saver.


The Rose

Now you have a new tool that is fun to create and easy to use. I hope all your heart’s desires come to fruition in the years to come!

Please leave a comment below and let me know what your goals are!


Happy Dreaming my friends,

signature Jaden Rose
















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