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Little Pumpkin Baby Shower

Little Pumpkin Baby Shower Ideas!

The Thorn

Are you planning a fall baby shower, but do not know where to start? 

Planning a party can be stressful. Especially when it is for such a big milestone like a baby shower. Check out these amazing autumn and pumpkin baby shower ideas that are fun and simple to make! Better yet they won’t break the bank!

Our baby shower was for a girl, but you can take these same ideas for a baby boy, gender neutral or a gender reveal by changing the color scheme.

Little Pumpkin Girl Baby Shower



De-Thorn Your Life

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Get personalized invitations and decorations on Etsy!

Little Pumpkin Girl Baby Shower


Did you know graphic designers own exclusive Etsy businesses. You can find gorgeous, pre-made designs that they will customize for you. Whenever I am throwing a milestone party (like our wedding, babyshower or baby’s 1st birthday) I get a custom invitations and decorations made at reasonable prices.

There are lots of great Etsy Design stores. Check out all the wonderful pumpkin and fall themed invasions and decor on MissPokadot’s Store.

We choose to get a custom invitation made from her store. We used 5×7 envelopes from Amazon to send the invitations.

One of my favorite things to do is buy a matching, pre-made party package from an Etsy designer. There are so many crafts you can make for one  party package like diaper raffle tickets, book request card, welcome sign, water bottle wrappers, BINGO cards, favor tags and thank you cars.. I usually only choose a few to do that are simple like a pendant banner. Below is just a some example of what comes in one of MissPokadot’s packages.

MissPokeADot Party Package



At first I tried printing these at home, but I do not have the best printer. A lot of my printable had streaks through them, and I found I used a lot of ink. Going to a professional printer is easy, fast and cheap. I spent $37 printing everything I wanted. I gave the printer specific instructions on which pages to print and which to exclude.



DIY Pumpkin Floral Arrangement


DIY Pumpkin Floral Arrangement

  1. Buy a big beautiful pumpkin at the pumpkin patch or grocery store.
  2. Gut the pumpkin the day before the baby shower, so that it stays fresh.
  3. Buy a round floral foam like this.
  4. Soak it in water and place inside pumpkin.
  5. Buy a premade bouquet at a floral shop or grocery store.
  6. Cut the flowers to the correct length.
  7. Place the flowers in the foam as desired.
  8. You made need floral wire, cutter and tape for some types of flowers that have softer steams and won’t stand up straight.
  9. Add wire ribbon in the front.


DIY Pumpkin Baby Girl


DIY Pumpking Baby Girl


  1. Pick a small pumpkin at the pumpkin patch or grocery store. Make sure the surface is smooth for painting on.
  2. Use acrylic paint to paint the entire pumpkin white (maybe pink or blue). Let it dry. Maybe paint a 2nd layer for even coating.
  3. Cut off nipple part of pacifier and use hot glue to attach it.
  4. Place eyelashes using hot glue or self adhesive.
  5. Place bow around the top of the pumkin for a girl, or maybe a bow tie at the bottom for boy.
  6. We also used crystal floral pins to keep everything attached.



Customized Pumpkin Guest Book Signing Wall Decor

Just GuestBook Wall Decor


We used an Amazon seller, Sweetie and Roo,  to get this customized graphic with our last name on it. This frame went nicely with it. We had guests of the baby shower sign the little paper circles that same with the graphic.  After the shower, I used a glue stick to attach the circles in an order that looked good. 

Check out the finished product. It still hangs on her wall in the nursery.

Balloons Guest Sign



Painted Little Pumpkin with GLITTER!!

Little Painted Pumpkins with Glitter!


This was definitely my favorite decoration to make. I invited my girl friends over to help me. We had so much fun painting each pumpkin and sprinkling them with glitter!

Pumpkin Decorating with Friends


  1. Each pumpkin was two-toned. I started by painting the bottom layer. Let it dry. Paint a second coat if need. I got this part done before the party, so the pumpkin would get done at the party.
  2. Paint the top side and let dry. Paint a second coat if needed.
  3. Paint Pot-a-dots on some of the pumpkins, if desired.
  4. Sprinkle glitter on the top coat. Do this before the top coat dries completely.




Balloons Gold White Pink.


Everyone loves balloons!

You will need a helium balloon tank. You can buy them on Amazon Prime, and they come with white string and multi-color balloons. You will need scissors to cut the string. Make sure to bring them with you if you are traveling to your destination.


Paper Lanterns


Paper Lanterns

Paper lanterns are also great for decorating. Again make sure that you have string and scissors to hang them.

Amazon has tons of great pre-made party packages. Just search for “balloons (your color scheme)”. For instance, I searched for “balloons pink gold white” and got all these awesome party package options.




Pumpkin dip

Vegetable Tray with Pumpkin Dip

Another easy party idea: use a hollowed out, gut pumpkin to hold your favorite dip.

  1. Pick a medium pumpkin at the pumpkin patch or grocery store.
  2. Buy a tray of pre-cut vegetable tray at the grocery store.
  3. Wait until the day before the party, so pumpkin stays fresh.
  4. Cut off top.
  5. Gut out inside until there is enough room for your dipping container.
  6. Fill the spread out on a serving tray at the party.




Pumpkin Cuties

Pumpkin Cuties

The best part about Pumpkin Cuties is that they are easy to make and good for your guests.

  1. Buy a bag of Clementines oranges like Cuties brand.
  2. Peel off all of the skins.
  3. Cut a few celery stocks until they make short little pumpkin stems.
  4. Insert the celery stock into the Cuties.
  5. Serve in bowl.

Little Pumpkin Baby Shower Ideas.


The Rose

Planning for a party can be stressful.

But once I find inspiration for decorations and food ideas… it starts to become fun. I just make sure to give myself a lot of time to plan and craft for the party. I also make sure to ask for help.  I went with my husband to the pumpkin patch and the grocery store to buy supplies. I had a pumpkin decorating party with my closest girlfriends.

I hope you find these suggestions useful for your autumn baby shower. Please comment below if you try any of these ideas!

Little Pumpkin Baby Shower Ideas.




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  1. Carol says:

    I absolutely love this idea! Great for fall. It reminds me of the announcement I did for when my son was born! I painted his pumpkin blue and put it inside a larger pumpkin! Love the creativity!

  2. Willow says:

    Jaden, you have some great ideas. Some of them can even be tweaked for other types of fall parties, not just baby showers. I would have loved seeing my daughter use this theme for her last baby shower, as she loves fall, but unfortunately, the boys (triplets) were born in June, not in the fall. It would have been super awesome as a triplet baby shower, with three little pumpkins!

    • jadenrose says:

      I was actually due in February, and should have had a baby shower in January. Luckily one of my besties was getting married in January, and I didn’t want to to crowd her big day especially after the holidays. So I had a fall themed baby shower instead when I was only 6.5 months pregnant. I think it was much nicer doing it sooner rather than later. But you’re right, I don’t think you can do a fall shower in June. =D

  3. Ashley says:

    I have teased that I will never intentionally be pregnant through the month of August again!!! ;P But these pumpkin ideas may just make me change my mind lol Seriously though, so cute!

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