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10 Tips for Natural Energy

Natural Energy without Caffeine or Sugar

The Thorn


3pm slump got your down? Feel like you are going to fall asleep in your chair at work? Even though you already slugged down two cups of coffee? Do you feel like you turn to sugary foods to keep going? Do you live off of energy drinks?

Raises hand! Guilty as charged! I’m a new Mom struggling to go back to work part-time. I nearly fell asleep on my client, and I totally got busted taking a nap during my break. Yikes!

So, I asked my friends: What is your favorite way to gain natural energy without caffeine or sugar. Please read on to get energize!


De-Thorn Your Life

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Fresh Air

Fresh Air

Your office air has been recycled by everyone’s “output” in the cubefarm over and over again. Step outside to get fresh air.

If you work full-time, then take your 15 minute breaks outside of the office. Yes, you are allowed. Take a jaunt around the block. Take a work buddy with you, so you don’t get lonely or feel guilty about.



Are you getting any exercise? How much better would you feel if you did?

Also guilty. Do not ask a busy mom how to fit in exercise. It seems nearly impossible to me sometimes.

Many of my friends suggested a morning yoga classes. Another friend turned me on to a YouTube yoga channel called Yoga with Adrienne.

To get any exercise done, I often have to exercise with the baby bubbling over me. It is not a glamourous as Instagram will make it seem. But I always feel better when I do. I feel like I am giving my daughter a positive example of regular exercise too.

Another great suggestion was to do 2 minutes of high intensity exercise: a 1 minute plank and 20 jumping jacks. This is a little easier to get behind. 2 minutes I can do. Getting your heart racing feels great too.




 Okay, maybe you got the exercise part down, but are your replenishing your electrolytes after your sweat?

What are electrolytes? Electrolytes are like the spark plugs of your cells. They make your body go, and are essential to survive. Electrolytes include: sodium, potassium. calcium, bicarbonate,magnesium, chloride, and phosphate.

Lots of sports drinks have electrolytes in them, but they are also loaded with sugar, high fructose corn syrup and nasty dyes. You can get electrolyte infused water without all the garbage. You can also get electrolytes in powder, tablets or on-the-go drops.


More Sleep

More Sleep

Could it be as simple as going to bed earlier?

Hubby and I had gotten in the bad habit of staying up 30-45 minutes past our bed time watching our favorite TV shows. This bad habit quickly made me exhausted beyond words. I learned that when I feel exhausted that I should take a nap in the middle of the day, or go to sleep immediately after the baby does.

Follow your intuition on this one. If your tired, let the dishes stay in the sink for a night. Cleaning is really not that important.


Morning Rituals

Morning Rituals

If you start your day off feeling down, you are probably going to feel down all day. Try to create a morning ritual that is energizing instead.

Your ritual could include the following: writing in a dream journal, making a to-do-list, mediation, yoga, any form of exercise or moment, reading inspiring quotes or creating a vision board.




Yes! Nothing feels better than a warm shower. I could spend hours in a shower. If you’re a stay-at-home parent, chances are you’re skipping shower times. It happens a lot. I’m doing it right now to get out this blog post in a timely fashion. Oops.

Try taking a shower when you get home from work to keep your momentum going. It might help you get an extra pep in your step to finish washing the laundry or the dishes. Clean yourself first to keep the house clean later.


Use the Power of Plants

Power of Plants

Eat and drink your veggies, especially those high in chlorophyll. Green leafy vegetables like kale and spinach have lots of fiber and nutrients to keep you going.

Try swapping out your morning coffee with a green smoothie or juice. Try eating a salad three times a week, or better once a day at lunch or dinner. I use a Ninja blender to make smoothies, and a Jack Lalanne juicer for juicing.

Definitely avoid sugary and greasy foods. Such foods make you have an energy crash and feel sluggish all day.



Nettle Infusion

Nettle Infusion

Stinging Nettle is a wild herb know for giving a big boost of all day energy. Nettle is known for strengthening the kidneys and adrenals. It provides all sorts of health benefits including: decongestant, stimulating blood circulation, lower blood sugar, detoxification,regulating metabolism, stimulate the lymphatic system, tones & nourishes the urinary system.

Nettle teas are not strong enough to provide such great benefits. Make a Nettle Infusion instead!

Steep 1oz of dried loose leaf nettle in a 1 quart jar with filter for 4-5 hours.

Vitamin B

Vitamin B

B Vitamins help with energy conversion on a cellular level. So you can imagine they are good to boost energy for your whole body. It is also known for boosting your brain power and preventing depression.

Check with your doctor or nutritionist to see if you are deficient in Vitamin Bs. Vitamin B 12 is especially important to replace if you are vegan, as it is mostly found in animal protein.

Check out these Complex B Vitamins  and Vegan B12 spray.




This is probably my favorite suggestion: turn on the music!

If your workplace will allow you a chance to play DJ, then add some fun and lively music to the queue. If your workspace is more of a quit atmosphere, then slip on some headphones instead. If you have a job where you cannot change the music, then maybe put on your headphones while walking around the block during your next break.

Definitely have some fun blaring the music in your car ride home, or dance it out with your family while cooking dinner.

Got kids? You should be sharing your favorite music and dance moves with them. Don’t you have fond memories of discovering music with your parents? I certainly do.



The Rose


Having energy is so key to enjoying life!

Have you ever been somewhere fun, but just could not enjoy yourself? Not having energy to have fun is the worst!  Follow some of these tips to bring more energy into your life.

Have you ever felt so energized, you could have fun at a root canal? Yes, this is how life should feel! Keep that momentum going. Let us know what keeps you energized by commenting below.

Which of these tips worked best for you? Share this article with a friend or family member in need of some energizing!!

10 Tips for Natural Energy.


Natural Energy without Caffeine or Sugar





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